50-something: An unretiring baby boomer

It was about two years ago that I decided I would retire this blog, which at the time I called My Year of Turning 50. I had started it as a way to chronicle my thoughts about turning a half century old, and it seems fitting to end it sometimes after passing the mark. So why, two years after turning 50, should I restart the blog? Maybe it’s because I still haven’t answer the question in my first post on whether this is a time for sunrises or sunsets.

Things have changed since 2008. I left OrlandoSentinel.com, where I was deputy online editor, and spend about 18 months working as digital news manager at WESH TV, the NBC affiliate in Orlando. In February 2010, I came back to OrlandoSentinel.com, where I am now the digital news manager.

So, we’ll see where this takes me, this decade of turning 50.