Random thoughts while doing laundry, Part 9

AARP sent me another solicitation on Friday. Hey, AARP, it’s not you, it’s me. Leave me alone…OK, I’ll be honest, I would love the hotel discount and fantasize that I’d be carded each time I try to claim the AARP discount…NY Times has an article today on Eons, the baby boomer site you used to not be able to join until turning 50 years old. It recently began allowing younger people to join. Wonder how that will work out for them? The article says many users aren’t happy about it — kind of the same way those young people felt when we boomers flooded Facebook…speaking of Facebook, I need more friends…Same goes for Eons, which I don’t remember joining, but have a profile under JCold23…Question: As Groucho might have asked, do I want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member?….I enjoy the NY Times Sunday feature Modern Love, except today’s, titled “A Valley of Misery Between Peaks of Joy,” looks at research that basically says that in our year of turning 50, we are at the bottom of a U-shaped Joy Ride — our peaks are in our 20s and 70s-plus. Great…This is a gratuitous link to my colleague Kris Hey’s blog, because she is worried it will be killed without more traffic. Click and Help Yourself (and Kris).