Gabriel Byrne, new boomer sex symbol?

Score one for us 50-somethings. Apparently the character of Dr. Paul Weston of HBO’s In Treatment is a hottie. As played by 56-year-old actor Gabriel Byrne (shown in HBO photo from series), the psychotherapist is, in the words of one woman in today’s NY Times article “a hunk, totally. He’s hot” and, the article says, “His sympathetic response to patients ‘makes him even hotter.’ “

The show is on HBO five nights a week, with four nights of Weston doing a session with a patient (in one case, a couple), and one night of his own session with a colleague. I like the show — interesting format, excellent acting — but totally missed Byrne-the-boomer-sex-symbol angle, even though the Times says men are into him as well.

I will say I expected more women to be upset at Dr. Weston’s interest in a younger patient”Laura, a sullen 30-year-old anesthesiologist who chases Paul with a fervor bordering on the predatory,” as the article says. (Apparently, some of the women who are hot for Dr. Paul identify with Laura, the article says. Something to do with finding it attractive when men listen and care. Of course, as the headline says, “He Listens. He Cares. He Isn’t Real.”)