Cousin Brucie still playing on my radio

It’s funny how the sounds of my youth come back in odd places. As we were having an after-movie dinner tonight in what passes for a malt shop in these fast-food times (Steak n Shake), I heard a familiar voice on the restaurant radio — Cousin Brucie. During my youth in the 1960s, Cousin Brucie was THE voice of WABC-AM radio in New York City where I grew up. When I got to high school, I moved on to WNEW-FM (especially Allison Steele, the Nightbird), Bruce Morrow also moved on. But tonight there Cousin Brucie was — apparently a Wednesday night show he does on Sirius radio — and there I was, once again, 11 years old and listening to my transistor radio. Maybe turning 50 is making me nostalgic. (If you know anyone turning 50 who was a Brucie fan, you might be able to use audio from this site as part of a slideshow. It’s a complete show from 1968. Also, this YouTube video below has some Brucie sound laid under some images of the time: