AARP tries to get me again

I’m not sure how many times I’ve received AARP’s offer to join the organization. I think at least four times. Another came Friday. When will it end? I wonder if this strategy works — eventually, will I give in, pay my $12.50 — less than a 12-pack of good beer! — and start getting the discounts I have earned based on my LOOONNNNGGGGG life…Speaking of AARP, the group is seeking a Daily News Editor for Bulletin Today, “a new web-based daily designed to be the go-to news source for 50+ America.” If I ran a web site catering to boomers, I might be worried. Just be sheer numbers, AARP could be a category killer for boomer news and draw significant advertising. (Disclosure: I’ve written in the past for AARP Bulletin, its newspaper, when I was a freelance writer in the late 1990s and early ’00’s.)