Turning 50 and looking, but not feeling, different

In the week since turning 50 years old, I would love to say I have some new insight to share, some new perspective that only comes now that I am older and, presumably, wiser.

I don’t.

So, since I am a baby boomer, and appearances matter, I changed the photo on my profile. It’s the same one I use now on my Facebook profile, which a friend recently said was better than the grim one that was there (and here). Of course, she also told me to smile. My response: I wouldn’t want to ruin my grumpy reputation.

The photo actually has some significance. It was taken with a birthday present, a new pocket digital camera (Canon Powershot SD750, which I got for those moments when I don’t want to carry our digital SLR, a Canon Rebel XTI. You can see some of my photographer on my Flickr account.)