Random thoughts while doing laundry, Part 8

Surprisingly, doing laundry on a Friday morning feel liberating. I feel I have somehow saved a weekend day, since that is when I usually get to it…Things I notice now that I am 50 years old — when I was young, yogurt and martini’s only came in one flavor. I say this as a eat a yogurt flavored “apricot mango,” which I think was a flavor on a martini menu I saw recently…I see a future post in that for you fans of turning 50 jokes…Speaking of alcohol, another gift I got for turning 50 was a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne, which I’m told is real good, and judging from the price I’ve seen since then ($50 or so), is a lot better than I’ve ever had. One thing, though, “veuve” means “widow” in French, so wondering about the krama of sharing this with Mrs. Year of Turning 50…When you go the Veuve champagne company’s web site, you have to enter your date of birth, which oddly made me feel like lying for the first time since I turned 50…As for the Mrs., she is on her way to the Grand Canyon after a conference this week in Las Vegas. It’s something she’s wanted to see — I do, too, but from the bottom, which reminds me of my life list — things I’d like to see or do before I, uh, go to that place beyond the blogosphere. My colleague and Help Yourself blogger Kris Hey once posted hers, and in a comment, I posted mine:

1. Climb Half-Dome in Yosemite.

2. See a butte, maybe in Monument Valley, Arizona. (Side trip to Grand Canyon, where I want to raft the river).

3. Publish a book. (Even if I have to pay someone to print it!)

4. Research my family tree.

5. Raft both sections of the Chattooga River.