Is it time to retire this blog?

I’ve had the urge recently to retire this blog, perhaps because I’ve always imagined retiring early, or more truthfully, being like Travis McGee of the John D. MacDonald books, who took his retirement in installments, while he was still young enough to enjoy the view from Slip F-18 at Bahia Mar marina in Fort Lauderdale.

I’ve always thought this blog would reach an end — after all, there is a countdown clock on it. I have toyed in my head with continuing it after my birthday, under its current name or another.

But, if I am honest, I think the urge lately really grows from a feeling that, as my birthday approaches, it’s become more of a focus among family, friends, and colleagues. I’m getting weary of explaining that, no, I’m not having a party, and, no, I wouldn’t want one because (anyone who knows me knows) I dislike parties, both attending them and having them, and, no, I don’t plan anything special on my birthday, other than spending time with my family. (And, yes, I see the irony in a guy who writes a blog about turning 50 years old not appreciating it when people start talking about the birthday.)

Maybe I want to retire the blog, because for a while I’ve felt there really isn’t much to say. Maybe whatever insight I have was offered long ago. Maybe there is no insight.

Perhaps, in the end, we only need to say, Happy Birthday.