I’m going to live to 89!

According to the Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator, I have another 39 years to live. So maybe turning 50 years old isn’t that bad after all. (OK, yes, I know, it’s only an estimate, etc. etc. Stop being such a buzz kill! If I do have another 39 years left, maybe I can finally finish that novel…OK, finally start it…OK! For sure, I have time to get to that the leaky faucet this week while Mrs. Year of Turning 50 is in Las Vegas at Big Builder ’07.)

For those who come here seeking turning 50 jokes, to me, this calculator offers some possibilities, as does the idea of what your favorite baby boomer would do if he or she really has several more decades to live.

For those who come here seeking existential insights into aging, you’re at the wrong blog.