Random thoughts while doing laundry, Part 6

I went to a wedding yesterday. Always good when I at least am younger than the parents of the bride and groom…TV Land today is showing a bunch of Leave it to Beaver shows, in honor of its 50th anniversary…Bruce Springsteen — age 58! — was on 60 Minutes tonight. It’s been 32 years since “Born to Run” came out…I saw Bruce twice in the “Born in the USA” tour, which for guys who used to live in New Jersey puts me in the bottom 10 percentile…I head the Rolling Stones last tour earned something like a half-billion dollars. Never saw them, but let’s hear it for the old guys!…If I was picking a Springsteen song for a turning 50 party, I’d pick My Hometown or maybe the acoustic version of Thunder Road, which has a personal connection to my pal Paul, who turned 50 this year…I looked up “turning 50 songs” on Google, and someone suggested “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult. That is, as someone also said, cold.