My year of being Mr. Positive?

My coworker Kris Hey is among the most positive people I know. She even has her own blog at our web site, called Help Yourself, where the topic often turns to things to do, read, and watch to make your life better and more positive. The topic of being positive is one I’m obsessed with this week – and obsessed is the word you’d use if you sat near me at work. It’s hard for me to pin down why exactly this week I decided to make a choice to be more positive in life and at work. Part of it, for sure, is that the usual stresses of life and work can bring out my worst tendencies, especially if I feed them with negative conversations with others.

But part of it is my place in life. I am turning 50, and the time and energy I waste on things that in the end aren’t important – or under my control – are too valuable in a life that ultimately has more time behind it than in front of it.

Of course, my colleagues were taking bets how long it will last. I’d like to say a while, but I’m still more of a realist than many. Still, I did beat their over-under, which was noon yesterday. So those who bet I’d make it another day win – of course, no one took that bet.

PS: Besides checking out Kris’ blog, here’s a good article on being happy at work.

UPDATE: OK, at 10:52 a.m., I fell off the Mr. Positive Wagon. I need a sponsor.