Is AARP on Facebook?

My mother used to say that you were lucky to have one good friend. Well, drawn in by my former boss and seismic changes in journalism, I joined Facebook today. Somehow I now have five friends..wait, six! Josh just accepted me as a friend. Wow, the joy of excess.

What began as a social networking site for students has grown into an all-ages place where, people keep telling me, the fastest-growing group is people over age 35. My generation has gone from “won’t you be my neighbor?” to “add so-and-so as a friend.” Since we baby boomers sometimes are accused of ruining things we embrace, it makes me wonder about the future. Can a place that includes my college-age daughter and me be, well, cool?

For now, won’t you be my friend?

UPDATE: In my headline, I ask about AARP and Facebook. Answer is yes. It appears a few chapters have Facebook pages, and a few apparently younger people who don’t respect their elders (like me?) have ones with AARP in search term as well.