But what rhymes with AARP?

I’m probably the last guy to see this, but it is both fun and scary — it’s the AARP rap. Unlike other stuff on YouTube, this isn’t a parody, unless you consider it self-parody, since it appears made by AARP. For whom? I wouldn’t want to guess with lines like “One thing you have to know that/I keeps it real…you have a true friend in me/until we turn 50 and join AARP.” (And, yes, it sounds as if the rapper says “keeps.) My guess is it was made for some in-house AARP event, perhaps a holiday party since some workers are wearing reindeer antlers in it.

Wow, maybe I’ll rethink my AAAAGGHHHHH about joining AARP when I turn 50. (Disclosure: As a freelancer, I did work for AARP publications in the past. I’ve been to the building you see in the rap song, but NEVER saw anyone singing, or even humming, in the halls.)

Anyway, I really could see this being used at a roast or toast for someone turning 50. And to answer the question in my headline, apparently nothing, according to RhymeZone.com.