Random thoughts while doing laundry, part 5

OK, I lied…I’m not doing laundry, but I am thinking randomly…we lost power tonight — typical Florida thunderstorm — but it made me think of the New York City blackout of 1977, which was 30 years ago this month. I was there for it, and the one in 1965, which was more fun for me and the city…I can’t get over my iPhone lust. I sneak off to the Apple store to see it. I steal away from the family to check it out online. Yes, I want one but don’t need one — isn’t that something we boomers brought to our culture?…Josh Hallett, a social media consultant who blogs at hyku.com is giving away a Helio Ocean phone. Why? For the links from other blogs, perhaps. Gee, that work if I’m mentioning it, too?…I’m running out of random thoughts. Perhaps I really do need to do the laundry to have them…maybe I need an iPhone as an early present for turning 50 years old in 2007. Josh, can I have yours? I’ll trade you my iMac, Rev B from 1998, or maybe my Powerbook 190 from 1995. But I’m keeping my Mac Mini, since I can’t afford a Mini Cooper convertible…Full Disclosure: Josh did consulting for my employer, so all those journalism ethics will mean I can’t take his iPhone, or his Helio Ocean. Dang ethics….Something for another post: While trolling Wikipedia for boomers stuff, I saw a link to this post on Generation Jones, which supposedly includes me. A quote:

The connotations of the name “Generation Jones” include:

  • a large, anonymous generation
  • the slang term “jonesin’”, which refers here to the unrequited craving felt by this generation of unfulfilled expectations