On the beach but not under the boardwalk…

We’ve been on Hilton Head Island this week, vacationing with our two daughters and staying near another couple and their kids (and grandparents). It’s been good, even if I did wake up one day to read in the local paper that my retirement depends on…China? Of all the things we baby boomers were told to worry about — from not swimming until an hour after eating to nuclear winter to being poor in retirement — this was a new one on me. Here’s the lead:

SHANGHAI, China — It may come as a surprise to many Americans, but their
retirement security may depend in large measure on China’s development of
capital markets and the willingness of Chinese savers to buy the stocks and
bonds that baby boomers will unload in coming years.

Wow. Now I’m worried. I couldn’t find a link to the article on the local paper but it is here.