Climbing water slides and thinking about Half Dome

This was a long, good day. It started with a trip to ABC’s orthodontist, and, yes, small mouths and big teeth are inherited. It ended with an afternoon and evening at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, a water park, where more water fell from the sky for a while that was in the pools. (It did help scatter the tourists.) One thing I am happy about with turning 50 is that I can keep up with my 7-year-old (and can afford her dental work!) Some of the water slides are up A LOT of steps, and although my thighs feel the burn some, I saw a bunch more baby boomer dads huffing it. The climbs today reminded me of my promise to climb Half Dome in Yosemite when I turn 50 — perhaps a more sensible goal for my knees than trying to train for a marathon, which is what I did when I turned 30. (By climbing, I mean the cable route, not rock climbing. Read some about it here.)