Random thoughts while doing the laundry, Part 4

Just watched the end of Vertigo and that scream and the bells get me every time, even when I know they are coming…more things from 1967, Chick-Fil-A was founded and the Supreme Court struck down laws that barred inter-racial marriage…more signs of the boomer apocalypse: heard on NPR today that there will soon be a fund-raiser using a concert by The Clash, which is even worse than knowing they did one with Pink Floyd…Should I Stay or Should I Go?…Something I hope no one gets for my 50th…From a quiz book on turning 50: Question — Is 50 too young to be worried about bladder problems? Answer — Depends…All the guys my age at work seem to be on the same potty schedule. We should form a club, the once-every-hour gang…Short load, so short post.