In 1967, we wrote; in 2007, we blog

It’s the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, a year when those of us who are turning 50 were a mere 10 years old. I don’t have a lot of specific memories of that summer — baseball was big, I recall, and I probably was in day camp. We didn’t go anywhere in the summers. I saw this letter in the Chicago Tribune that compares things in 1967 to things in 2007. Here’s a sample:

  • In 1967, Baby Boomers took LSD; in 2007 they take statin drugs and low-dose aspirin.
  • In 1967, Baby Boomers went to be-ins; in 2007 they tell their teenagers to be in by 10.
  • In 1967, Playboy featured a bunny with green hair; in 2007, some Baby Boomers have granddaughters with green hair.

I’m trying to think of some more:

  • In 1967, our dads loved to drive. In 2007, we’re trying to get our dads to STOP driving.
  • In 1967, we sang Good Morning Starshine. In 2007, we read Good Night Moon to the grandkids.
  • In 1967, it was our Endless Summer. In 2007, we’re worried that summer will be ending too soon.
  • In 1967, we wanted to grow our hair long like the Beatles. In 2007, we just want hair.
  • In 1967, our moms worried about us. In 2007 (if we are lucky to still have them around), our moms worry about us. (Moms never change.)
  • In 1967, we didn’t trust anyone over 30. In 2007, we wish we were still in our 30s.
  • In 1967, LSD meant lysergic acid diethylamide (yeah, I had to look it up). In 2007 LSD means long sessions of dozing.

More of them? Better ones? I’ll keep thinking.