Thankful I’m not that good at fractions…

I found this today while trolling for some more turning 50 jokes to share:

They say that if something bothers you, you should think of it in
a new way. So don’t think of it as 50 years…Think of it as 5/7 of the normal human lifespan.

Not that’s depressing.

Actually, life expectancy is usually given from birth, which is what they mean when they say men will live to age 72 or whatever it is now. (Thus, the 5/7ths in the joke). But you also can give life expectancy from a certain age — say, calculate how much longer you will live once you turn 50. I haven’t checked that, but I do recall the tipping point — the age at which you have as much life behind you as ahead. For men, it was 38, back in the late 1990s when I researched it, for women about 40. That meant at age 38, men can expect to live another 38 years, women another 40.

Of course, life expectancy only means HALF the people at that age will make it. The other half, well, you know…

Happy Monday to you, too.