Random thoughts while doing the laundry, No. 2

More random thoughts…went to dentist today because I lost a post and crown. I swear I heard him upgrading his vacation plans after looking in my mouth…my first dentist used to see patients in a room off his living room, in a crappy apartment across from the projects where I grew up in the Inwood section of New York City. I swear he never used a pain-killer and said “Is it safe?” a lot…I once asked my old dentist why he wanted to become a dentist. He said he liked to work with his hands. I found that scary coming from a guy with a drill..why did I become a journalist? Because I like to write. What do I do now? Edit…I worked with a reporter who said editors existed so pimps could have someone to look up to. Ouch…I mentioned in my last Random Thoughts that people often found this blog because they are looking for jokes about turning 50. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything that funny about it today, perhaps because my teeth are falling out and the dental work for my 7-year-old will put off my retirement another couple of years…I did see a joke somewhere about turning 50…”You know you are old when your friend starts dating someone half his age, and it’s legal”…actually, I know for some of my friends, you know you are turning 50 when your mom gets more dates than you…Okay, here’s the link you get when you Google “turning 50 jokes.” Not sure why it comes up first, though I like this one: “God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Being so far behind, it looks like I will live forever”…OK, I like this one too: “All reports are in; life is now officially unfair”…how about this old joke: Smoking will kill you when you turn 50 so I’m quitting when I’m 49.