Random thoughts while doing laundry, No. 3

More random thoughts…I looked up my father and grandfather’s military records on Ancestry.com, which just added a bunch of military records. I couldn’t find dad’s — he signed up before World War II started, but I did find my grandfather’s from World War I…my newspaper today has an article about the last three surviving veterans from “the Great War”…I was one of the first years in which the U.S. did not require baby boomers like me to get a draft card. If you were born in 1957, you would have had to enlist to get in the military. I used to think, in my teens, what I would have done if drafted…If it just me, or does turning 50 make you think more about your roots? I have an urge to put together my family tree. Again, in prowling around Ancestry.com, I was looking at the 1930 census records and found my mother and father, who at the time were both in children’s homes. My mother is listed as “an inmate” in her Catholic home in New York City, which seems funny….When I looked up the 1910 census, I saw that my grandfather was a plumber/steamfitter — he was only 16. By 1920, he was a cop in New York City. My father also was a steamfitter at the end of his work career…OK, another turning 50 joke, found on Corsinet.com, which has a bunch on “signs you no longer are a kid”: Your arms are too short to read a newspaper…Thinking about it, perhaps we should say you know you are getting old when you still read the newspaper in print…Here’s another from the site: You can go bowling without drinking. (Reminds me of my dad, who did not drink but loved to bowl).