For my birthday I want…Macho Boy Cosmetics

One thing I love about the Internet is how long things hang around. (Hey, if I never publish my book, at least my blog might last forever, somewhere on page 1,792,600,194 of a Google search on “turning 50 jokes,” which I suspect in the future will be like turning 30.) Anyway, found this column by Dr. Erik Steele about turning 50 in 2006. Rather than the typical jokes on his age, he riffs on what he wants for his birthday:

  • more years to be added to my 50s – I don’t mind being in them but they are uncomfortably close to my 60s, and that sounds a bit older than I want to be;
  • credit for several years off my age since I still laugh at flatus jokes – I think that makes me 42;
  • some Chip’s O’Granite Facial Scrub from Macho Boy Cosmetics, to give my features the chiseled look that makes some men age so handsomely (not that I am aging, but in case that turns out to be me in the mirror);

(I like that mirror line, and liked looking up flatus in Wikipedia.) There are a bunch more items like that in the column, which has inspired me to think along these lines about what I might want for turning 50…besides the same old jokes.