The Power That Was: David Halberstam dead

Journalist and author David Halberstam is dead, a car crash in California. For people my age, he was one of the giants we read in college or as young reporters — a person we were afraid to imagine was the standard we would have to met — a thorough reporter, fine writer, Pulitzer winner, war correspondent. We were all assigned books like The Best and The Brightest, and his The Powers That Be, about big time journalism, came out in 1979, when I graduated Fordham University. (When I looked at a list of Halberstam’s books, I had forgotten one that caught my fancy, The Amateurs, about “the quest of four oarsmen to become the United States’s single sculler in the 1984 Olympics.” (New York Times, 8-11-1985). Lots of links on Google News to stories about his death (and, if you wonder how fast people update Wikipedia, it already has updated the entry on Halberstam here.)