Don Imus and the demise of my radio

I remember when I first heard of Don Imus — it was when he came to WNBC radio in New York City when I was a kid (maybe 13, around 1970-71). Everyone listened to AM radio, and always WABC, home of Cousin Brucie, who voice was my introduction to music. (A few cool kids around that time got into WNEW-FM, which played long sets of musicians or cuts deep into albums.) Imus came and conquered for a while, and WABC eventually switched to covering Yankee games, I recall. (Good Wikipedia entry on WABC, with this link taking you to the part on the “dominant years” I’m talking about.) I never liked Don Imus then — didn’t like the humor, but then I also never got Howard Stern when he came to WNBC as well. I guess I thought the radio should play MUSIC not have someone talking. All this came back today as I read how MSNBC and CBS radio have suspended Imus for his remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. I can’t say that I’ve heard Imus in years — was surprised at his rebirth into someone visited by politicians. Makes me long for Cousin Brucie. (Guess I’ll have to get Sirius if I mean that, since that is where Bruce Morrow landed after all these years.)