Article in local paper about Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell’s mother, Linda, has some wonderful quotes about her daughter in the Fairfax Connection newspaper:

  • “She knew what she wanted to do and she would make it happen — even as a little kid. And it served her well because she didn’t back down from things.”
  • “It’s such a mother and father’s dream to see their children grow up and become who they can be. I’m just really proud that she made these big moves in her life.”
  • “I don’t think she knew the impact she was making. Her life is continuing to impact people. I’ve gotten more than 400 e-mails from people since she died.”

That middle one, about a mother and father’s dream really hit home. It should be every parent’s hope. And, as her mother says, Julia’s death in the Philippines while working for the Peace Corps is continuing to impact us all.

You can read the article here.