A spin on the old, soon-to-die roller rink

Update at 8:50 p.m: Back with no broken bones but a few sore limbs.

ABC and I are going roller skating tonight — a passion she developed at a friend’s 7th-birthday party at the rink this past weekend. But when I was reading Al’s Morning Meeting, a journalism tip sheet from the Poynter Institute today, it mentions an article that says roller rinks are “set to hang up skates for good.” The reasons, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune piece: “Many closures nationwide stem from operators hitting retirement age and fielding lucrative offers to sell prime land, (Joe Champa, president of Indianapolis-based Roller Skating Association International) said. The rising popularity of in-line skating, video games, the Internet and other diversions are also factors.”

Dang Internet…ruining everything! Anyway, when I was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s in New York City, we roller-skated on the streets some and played a lot of roller hockey. (You haven’t really felt pain until someone checks you into the side mirror of a 1960s Chrysler New Yorker.) But the only rinks we visited were ice rinks. And, this baby boomer managed to miss that whole roller disco thing, though, like many of us, I did once get lured into buying in-line skates that gathered much dust in my garage.

I haven’t skated in years. We’ll see how it goes. And, considering the death knell, it’s a good thing I’m going now…and good that I have good health insurance to cover any broken limbs.

Update: After finishing this post, I saw some blogs that mention how New York City’s last roller rink, the Empire Roller Skating Rink in Crown Heights, was closing. Read about it here and here, which has a fun YouTube skating video.