On my life list

Appalachian Trail
Originally uploaded by John Cutter.

I was moving some photos this weekend into my Flickr account when I saw this one, taken in 2003 on the Appalachian Trail near Wayah Bald near Franklin, N.C. It shows ABC and me. For a long time, I used to say that hiking the whole trail was on my life list — that is, something that I wanted to do before I die. I’m not so sure now, although when I am out hiking there is a feeling that I want to keep going. Recently, I’ve had a goal of climbing Half Dome in Yosemite when I am 50. It would involve getting in shape — and overcoming a fear of heights, since the last part is a steep (45-50 degrees?) climb using cables. I thought about doing it this summer — figuring if I wimped out I’d still only be 49 and would have another year to make the goal. What else is on my life list? That’s for some other post.