Barack Obama not a baby boomer?

Good column today on — “Generation Obama vs. the Boomers” …like other recent pieces, it points out that although Barack Obama is technically a boomer, his presidential campaign appears to be setting itself up as different from older baby boomers. (The piece is a riff on this Boston Globe article, which calls Obama a “new breed of baby boomer.”) It’s always been a bit of fancy to try to lump 77 million of us boomers into some category, but as someone born in 1957, I always have felt my touchstones are different from older boomers. Like Obama, the Vietnam war and the draft ended when I was still in school (high school for me, earlier for Obama, who was born in 1961.) I’ll have to think a little more on what my touchstones might be, since the idea of (from the first piece I mentioned) that a “generation weaned on ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ may soon make it into the White House” sounds frightening on so many levels.